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In organizations near and far, on the national and international level- people are advocating  for you. They are fighting to have rules and legislation enacted to protect you at home and at school. To provide shelter and a haven if you need one. To model what love and respect look like.


Our organization, SafePlace, in Austin,TX exists to end sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change.  We are working to make a difference through Expect Respect, a program which offers counseling and leadership opportunities, and through the Start Strong Initiative, a grant given to 11 sites across the nation-which challenges us to build safe and healthy relationships in Austin. Start Strong encourages youth leaders all across the USA to speak out and blog about issues that effect them. Join the Start Strong community blog and be part of a national effort to share your voice.

Now its up to you. We invite you to share what you think- how you feel. Through this blog, facebook and our website we want to reach as many teens as we can. We offer you an opportunity to use your voice and write about your frustrations, your passions. What does Respect mean to you? Use your voice. Start Strong. 


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