The Problem with Hook Up Relationships

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Hanna Munin

A lot of the time, it’s hard to define a teen relationship. There are relationships where two people go to the movies with each other and kiss each other goodnight, and there are people who spend a lot of time together and are “Facebook official”. However, there’s another type of quasi-relationship where two people only hook up and do not actually date. A lot of the times, teens want to do this because they simply do not have the time to be in a real relationship so want to experience the benefits of a relationship from someone. While these hook up relationships can be simple and carefree, there can also be some negative consequences from them as well.

    One consequence is a lack of respect for one another. In hook up relationships, it is easy to see one another as an object rather than an individual. Because you do not have real feelings for each other, it is safe to say that you are using one another to get what you want. While some people may try to justify these relationships saying that they are a close friendship, in a friendship, people respect each other and want to help them grow as a person. When it comes down to it, the qualities of a friendship do not apply to a hook up relationship.
    Another consequence of hook up relationships is that teens think that it will be just like the movies. There are lots of movies when the two people are in a simply hooking-up relationship and do not actually date, like in No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits. However, in both of these films, the same thing happens: they have fun at first, but then a conflict in the relationship happens and they start to develop feelings for each other and the relationship that they had once hoped for is no longer able to happen. That was not the intention that they had. In the movies, they end up being in a real relationship together and live happily ever after. Life is not like the movies. By putting yourself into relationships like these, while they are fun at first, in the end things will start to change and the relationship will become something that it did not start up to be. The bottom line is that these types of relationships are not healthy. In a healthy relationship, partners care for one another and want to put their partner on a pedestal for the whole world to see. In hook up relationships, this is not the case. So the next time you want to simply hook up with someone as a relationship, think about if it is something that you are willing to pay the consequences of.


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