Don’t Be Afraid to Address Gender Roles!

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Hanna Munin

So lately, I have been obsessed with watching Saved by the Bell on Netflix. The character of Jessie Spano is constantly standing up and arguing gender roles in society. I felt that this was a fitting issue to talk about especially since Sexual Assault Awareness Month is a time to address the prevalence of gender roles. We have come to a new age where women are CEOs of companies and are working even throughout marriage. But gender roles are constantly seen in conversation and in the media today. For one, the whole storyline of a damsel in distress and needing to be saved (like in the Disney princess movies) insists that women are needy and need a man to defend them. This can relate back to domestic violence because if a male feels that he is superior to a woman in that he can defend her, that means that he can start to control her and manipulate her until she is isolated from the outside world and then the relationship would be considered abusive. So when we see these gender roles in our lives, what do we do about them?
    The ending of gender roles starts with you. All what it takes is for you to stop using them in conversation. Along with that, you can address to other individuals how the behavior of using gender roles is not okay. Even if it is something as little as, “a woman belongs in the kitchen”, a comment like that can lead an individual to thinking more and more gender roles and lead them to inappropriate and irrational behavior. Be a Jessie. Don’t be afraid to speak up that women are not objects to be lusted over or to be viewed in an inappropriate nature. Professional athletes are not macho-men who have a bird-size brain. Another way to help out is to not support songs that address gender roles. Speaking up about gender roles is an easy way to raise awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month that will benefit your community. Also, when you speak up it shows other people what you stand up for and how you stick for your values. Have a safe week and raise awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in your community!


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