What’s February? TDVAM!

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Hanna Munin

    Wait…TDVAM? What’s that? It’s an acronym that stands for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. In February, we’re called to raise awareness of the prevalence of dating abuse in our society among teenagers. It’s easy to think that these issues are only for adults or for married people, but those relationships that aren’t even “Facebook official” can be abusive. Throughout the blog, we’ve made it clear that dating violence is much more than physical violence, and this month is a time to focus on the ways that dating violence is targeted at teenagers, for example, texting and social networking. Excessive texting and sexting are both things that are seen predominately in teenage relationships and is abusive. Also, it’s more predominant in teens to be on sites like Facebook and twitter. A form of abuse seen on here is that partner’s demand for their partner’s passwords or check on everything that they are doing through social networking sites.
    Okay so that’s great to know what this month is about, but was can we do about it? Lots of things! Something that’s great to do is to take every opportunity you can to talk about the prevalence of dating violence with your peers. Dating violence happens to one in every three teens. When you have the opportunity, let your peers know the types of abuse or just spread the word that February is TDVAM. Post on your Facebook or text your friends to wear purple, the color of dating violence awareness, on Fridays to raise awareness of dating violence. If anyone comments on your cute purple shoes or your purple hair ribbon, take it as an opportunity to explain why you are wearing purple. Also, something else that is really special this February is that Start Strong Austin is having an event to raise awareness of dating violence called Riot to Silence 2 End Dating Violence on Monday, February 13th from 6-8 at the Marchesa Hall and Theatre near Highland Mall (check it out on our Facebook page). Don’t let this February slip by without making a difference. This is an issue that is about teens, so stand up for your peers! Take this as an opportunity to end dating abuse in your community.


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