Having A Healthy Relationship by Valentine’s Day

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Hanna Munin

2 weeks and 3 days. That’s how long it is until Valentine’s Day. Most people are scrambling around to either make a reservation at a restaurant, find a date, or find that perfect present to knock their partner’s socks off. But there’s a more important thing to keep in mind this Valentine’s Day: is your relationship healthy? Take this holiday about love as a wake up call to see if your relationship is really as healthy as it should be.
    So what is it that you’re looking for? Well like we’ve said before, abuse is really anything in a relationship that takes power and control away from a partner. What that means is that when a girl makes her boyfriend tell her exactly where he’s going whenever he goes out, has a curfew for him, and makes him take a picture of himself and his surroundings to show that he is where he said he would be, she is taking away his power to be an individual. This is an example of digital abuse. Or when a guy tells his girlfriend that she can’t hang out with her friends anymore because they are too immature for her and the only thing she needs in her life is him, he’s controlling her in a way that really is not any of his business. This is an example of emotional abuse. So as you can see, dating abuse is more than beating your partner up until they pass out.
    Now that you know what all is considered abusive behavior, it’s time to evaluate your own relationship. Go through a typical day. How many times does your partner call or text you? When you don’t respond, does your partner get panicky and start to get angry? Does your partner encourage and support you or does he shoot you down and call you names? Is there anything in your relationship that makes you feel like it isn’t right? Bring it up with your partner or with a person you trust to see if maybe it’s something that can be fixed so you can have an enjoyable and loving Valentine’s Day.



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