“Love Kills”: The Best Way to Bring Attention to Dating Violence?

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Hanna Munin

I was flipping through the channels over the weekend and decided to watch some guilty pleasures on Investigation Discovery when a commercial for a new show called Scorned Love Kills came on (watch it here on their website: http://investigation.discovery.com/tv/scorned/ ). The show airs this weekend and is about relationships that go too quick too soon and end with one partner doing a crime against the other. The portrayal in the commercial is that a woman dates a man, gets her heart broken, and then sets his house on fire. The information is vague, but the commercial gives enough away to show that this show portrays unhealthy relationships is a way that makes them entertaining to the public. Bad idea.

    Admit it, whenever you see a show about pregnant teenagers or people who are obsessed with eating laundry detergent, it becomes sort of difficult to think of them in a positive way or as a way of life that is one you can model yourself after. Also, it’s difficult to take these people that are on television seriously. You do this because the media portrays them in such a way that makes them ostracized and seem crazy. With that said, should that really be done to portray unhealthy relationships? It would be one thing to have a show about relationships like these that are unhealthy and how to get help, or to make a show that discusses what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy, however to put these stories in the public eye in such a way that makes them look crazy in another. It’s no doubt that the crimes in these commercials, like setting your ex’s house on fire, happen. But is it really a good idea to make these people’s lives into an entertaining TV show? The issue of dating violence and unhealthy relationships is serious. It does not need to be defaced by making it a sort of entertainment for people to watch on the couch with a big tub of ice cream at home. Is putting unhealthy relationships into the public eye such a good idea?
I believe that there is a right way to raise awareness in the public eye of the harm that can come from an unhealthy relationship, I just feel that this show of reenacting relationships that went wrong and what awful things came from that is not a good idea. What about you? Do you think that shows like this one could end up helping raise awareness of dating violence and help stop it, or do you think that it’s bringing a negative attention to dating violence? Share your thoughts and tune into the show this Saturday night to see if it’s really as unhealthy as it sets itself up to be.


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