Healing More than Physically

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

By Hanna Munin

After an abusive relationship ends, the physical pain goes away quickly. Bruises fade in weeks, eventually scars become less noticeable, broken bones heal. Eventually all of the physical pain is gone and there is nothing to show to anyone that you are suffering. But the truth is, even when all of the physical pain is gone, the emotional scars are still there. How do you get over that? That person that used to be there all the time and made up so much of who you were, even though they hurt you and took so much from you, at one point you both truly loved each other it seemed. Healing psychologically from an abusive relationship is probably the hardest part.

The important thing to come to terms with first, is that what you went though was abuse. Not only that, but also that you did not deserve that abuse, and what happened to you was wrong. It’s very difficult to heal from something if you aren’t willing to come to terms with it first. The hardest part about healing from an abusive relationship psychologically is that it isn’t a step by step process, and there is no easy way to tell when it’s over. But I think that the best thing that you can do to come to terms with yourself and begin the necessary healing after an abusive relationship is to keep a journal of what happened to you. If you have somewhere written down what all happened to you in your abusive relationship, how it made you feel, and how what you went through was not okay, it can be something to reflect on and make you stronger in the future. By starting to see where things got bad, you can start to move forward and see the happier things waiting out there for you. Being out of an abusive relationship doesn’t have to be scary. Also, finding people that are going through what you are experiencing through group counseling can help to! It’s always helpful to know that you are not alone. It can help to meet someone that knows exactly what you are going through and to find a person that you can help and they can help you get through the leftover emotions from abuse.

Once you are free from the abuse, you are open to so many new and wonderful possibilities to learn what love really is and how you deserve to be treated. I hope this helps those of you out there who are struggling to recover from the mix of emotions you are feeling after an abusive relationship or can help a person you know that is out and needing support out of an abusive relationship. If you are interested in finding healing through Safe Place, click here and look at our helpful services: http://www.safeplace.org/page.aspx?pid=307


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