My Reflection on DVAM

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Hanna Munin

  In my blogs this month, I have talked about how we all need to educate ourselves on domestic violence and to take action so we can work together and prevent any other women or men lose their lives to domestic violence. To not be hypocritical, I have been doing exactly what I have been asking of you by researching and talking it out to my peers. I have been working with non-profits devoted to ending domestic violence since February, and honestly I have learned more in this single month than I have this entire year. These past couple of weeks, I decided to look at the statistics of really how many people are affected by domestic violence in my community. In my research, I found that 111 women in Texas lost their lives to domestic violence, but 142 women lost their lives to violence in 2010. The numbers are going up! Just those numbers alone made me feel so sad and helpless. Why would violence increase in a year? What will the numbers for this year be? Also, in 2009, six children were killed when their mother was killed. It’s really hard to imagine what could drive a person to killing not only their partner, but also their child.
           So, yes at first, the numbers made me feel that I should just give up, that nothing I do could change the future of domestic violence in Texas, because I’m just one person. Can I really make a difference? Then it all came to me, yes I can! The efforts I do by writing out to you guys, talking to my friends and loved ones about domestic violence, raising awareness in my school about domestic violence can all change the numbers and make them go down. My voice will not be silenced. The shocking fact that the number of women killed form 2009 to 2010 went up will not make me give up, but it will make me try harder. I will not tolerate my loved ones being hurt by their husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or whatever. I will be a courageous bystander. Because of what I have learned in Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I am a changed person who is fully dedicated to doing all in my will to end domestic violence. You can take that same pledge. You can take this pledge whether you’re a guy or a girl, or if you’re young or old. Help out! Spread the word! Do your part and make an effort! Together, we can change the numbers of domestic violence.

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