It’s October and you know what that means!

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Uncategorized


It’s October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

                October is the official Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVM). This week, I did a little bit of research to find out how this came to be and what this should mean to us. Originally, there was Day of Unity which was a day in October to remember those who died because they were killed in an abusive relationship, eventually it became a week, and then in 1987 October was officially named the National Dating Violence Awareness Month and also debuted the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

                In October, we can take an extra special effort to remember people who died because they were unable to escape from domestic abuse, to appreciate the people and organizations that work to end domestic violence, and to be especially nice to our partners and remind them how much we love them and appreciate them. If you are in an abusive relationship, you can use this month to seek help through local domestic violence shelters in your area, like SafePlace, and their hotline (512-267-SAFE) or contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233) or the National Dating Abuse Helpline (1-866-331-9474) and find out how to get help for your specific situation.

                There are also many events going on nation-wide to celebrate the decrease of domestic violence. You can find out about events in your area at . Something interesting I saw is that the Purple Ribbon is a memento to remember those who lost their lives from an abusive relationship. You can host your own DVM party by assembling purple ribbons, having your friends over, and passing out the ribbons and wearing them around town. This also allows for the opportunity to ask you why you are wearing that ribbon and you can share the news with everyone!  Remember, domestic violence is a huge problem in our nation. Three women a day in our country die as a result of an abusive relationship.  One in thirteen men and one in four women will be in an abusive relationship at some point in their life. Help bring the numbers down!


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