Guest Post: Theatre Action Project

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
Ed. Note: The volunteer they are discussing is a former Changing Lives Member. We are excited to see her take on exciting projects in the community!

Measure of Success

by Katie Grills, Community Relations VISTA

Loyalty is the measure of success for many relationships, and is not an easy trait to engender. Cultivating loyalty takes commitment, empathy, a dedication of precious time and the ability to instill trust into the relationship. In my brief time here at Theatre Action Project, I have seen the power of loyalty exemplified through one of our amazing new volunteers.

I have had lots of email interactions with amazing, eager people who simply cannot wait to volunteer for TAP since I began my position, but I have only worked with a few volunteers thus far. The one that stands out the most to me is Jessie Norriss.

I was anticipating Jessie’s arrival all Wednesday afternoon. I waited diligently at my desk for her as the clock ticked down closer to 3 pm, and as the time sneaked a little past the 3 o’clock hour I looked around the corner and found Jessie catching up with Nitra down the hall from my desk. I quickly learned that Jessie worked with Nitra as a part of the Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble.  They shared that unmistakable camaraderie of old friends. I introduced myself to Jessie, stole her away from Nitra, and we got down to work. Jessie and I talked about how we grew up, where we were from, and other things that people share when getting to know one another.

What I could not stop thinking of, though, was the power of a former TAP student giving her precious free time back to an organization that clearly impacted her life. A vignette displaying the power of loyalty played at our headquarters’ kitchen table over friendship bracelet making, conversation, and a continuation of the 4 C’s that TAP teaches its students every day. She was continuing to be a creative artist, a courageous ally for what she believes in, a critical thinker about the needs of the community and a confident leader by stepping up to the plate and giving back .

When Jessie stepped into our office, she completed an uncommon circle of loyalty and commitment. I value and wish to cultivate the same type of experience in all of our volunteers, whether they were former students of the program, or are simply committed to sharing the joy of learning through the arts with young people who might not have the chance to do so otherwise.



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