They Say “It Gets Better” But You Have to Help Too!

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was all over the news last week how Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14 year old boy from Buffalo, killed himself because he was bullied at school for being gay. Bullying is an increasing problem around the country and most recently bullying gay teens has become an even bigger issue. Jamey just a few weeks ago made a video on YouTube for the “It Gets Better” Campaign.  Anyone can see that talking about all the people who hurt him, both in person and on the internet, took a huge toll on him and really hurt him. He says that he found support in other people and through Lady Gaga. But obviously, we saw that it didn’t get better for Jamey and he reached the point that he felt that it would never get better, so he chose to end all of his suffering.

                It’s a sad story really, but the fact that this happened to a person who had seemed so happy and okay with the world teaches us that we can’t let people who are suffering go through life alone. Jamey said that it gets better, but it only gets better if we all do something about it. After the death of Jamey, there were marches and memorials, Lady Gaga even dedicated one of her concerts to him. But really, the call to help people like Jamey is even smaller than that. Make a change in your life starting today. Make today the day that you don’t make gay jokes anymore. Make today the day that you’re going to start talking to the girl in your grade you don’t know that well, but people make fun of her for being a lesbian. Make today the day that when you hear your friend say “That’s so gay,” you let him know that being gay isn’t anything to be embarrassed or laugh about. Just these little changes in your life will help those kids just like Jamey who are losing grip and need someone to be their friend.

If you wanted to read more about Jamey or watch the “It Gets Better” Video he made, you can get that all here:


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