Healthy Communication and Respect in Relationships

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Gidon

So often do I hear about people breaking up or having constant problems in their relationship. Whether consistent arguing or just ready to throw it all away, it seems as if it’s a hopeless romance not worth continuing but in my observance I see that it takes a very simple method to working things out for the better. I’ve learned that positive and effective communication is a main key to upholding a strong and healthy relationship.

It is realistic to state that mostly every true relationship worth keeping will involve disagreement between two parties one way or another. It’s also reasonable to say that if a relationship between two people is truly genuine then it’s worth working out throughout the not so good times. This is where both individuals should come to terms of agreement of finding the best solution to solve conflict whether big or small. This is called understanding  the situation at hand. By understanding that you and your significant other are in this together, you’ve made a mutual agreement that you both are on the same team. A team of two special individuals with different point of views combining your values and differences. Through positive, effective communication there are a few things to get a grip on so that you and your partner may move forward in becoming a stronger force in world of love.

First, when having a serious conversation you should leave your emotions out of it so that your thoughts can be logical as possible. If the condition is too heated at the moment, wait to cool off before taking the conversation needed to resolve the issue. Don’t wait too long for the problem to sink in too deep. Once ready, it’s time to calmly share your feelings and opinions privately, in such a way where it’s not offending to your significant other. This way they may learn from their mistakes if they’re at fault. Do your best to enter into the convo with a positive mindset that you won’t settle for anything less than what’s best for you and your partner.

Be determined to finding an answer to whatever has gone wrong for the outcome of working things out. Don’t assume things will work themselves out because they won’t. If you have to be the bigger person in approaching the situation optimistically then do so. Also, it is important to state your needs to your partner in a relationship towards the beginning for the sake of future disappointment occurring, due to your partner not fulfilling your needs because you never mentioned them aloud. Be honest as possible because honesty promotes trust and trust promotes closeness.

Don’t ever leave a conversation feeling uneasy about the outcome. This can be hazardous to the bond of the relationship. In order to avoid this ever happening, both individuals should be heard and feel as if they have each other’s ear and support. This doesn’t mean you can’t agree to disagree but try not to be disagreeable. Collective respect is an essential element to a healthy relationship in and out of each other’s company. Make sure you maintain a position of respect through your partner’s eyes through your everyday actions.

There’s a saying that “no one is perfect” so it’s considerable to say that you and your partner are liable to have mishaps but it’s the strive to solve conflict that will make the bond stronger. Keep these things in mind and you’ll go far in building and maintaining a strong and healthy relationship.


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