Start Strong Austin: Meet The Interns.

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

This summer we are very excited to have two interns joining us to help promote Start Strong Austin and do social media outreach. You’ll be hearing a lot from them! 


If you want to know who I am and what I’m about then there are a few select words that sum me up on a total scale. Those words are hip-hop, revolution & youth empowerment. Now, I know that’s pretty direct but bear with me as I break these compounds down into fractions in hopes that you will be able to grasp this simple yet complex equation known as Gidon.

 I am Hip-Hop…
 I’ve grown to become an intricate factor of this amazing culture of artistic expression known as Hip-Hop. It started off with me experiencing incredibly impactful yet minute spectacles such as the beat boxing freestyle battles taking place in my middle school lunch room and hearing 2pac’s heartfelt song “Dear Mama” on my mother’s old fashion 32 inch television. From those experiences erupted my own desire to become the next hip-hop artist to blow up on the big screen which eventually evolved into a message driven by the yearning for change within society. I am a student of hip-hop because I study its origins and the ups and downs of its lifestyle. Like a married woman, I am committed to her through the thick and thin so I dedicate my life to bringing out the best in her.
I am Revolution…
Change is the only constant in this world so therefore positive change is mandatory to keeping the earth in motion. There are many problems across the equator from poverty, violence, corruption, etc., that we as a human race must confront in order to survive. I say that to say this. I’ve witness injustice first hand in my own neighborhood and was once a victim of violence. Through my own testimony, I’ve become an advocate on non-violence through my music, poetry and even on a day to day scale by speaking out against the wrong doings of others or confronting the man in the mirror. I educate myself to educate others because the revolution begins from within and spreads outward like a wild fire.
I am youth empowerment…
As a teenager, I was very internal with my thoughts and views which is normal where I’m from. I only knew what I was exposed to and that alone was “life” to me. It took positive reinforcement to shake the detrimental attitude of hate and distaste for society as a whole. Voices of hope and ears of concern gave me another chance at life by showing me new outlets for venting. These individuals understood my struggle as a young man, but not only comprehending with my issues they gave me feedback that would challenge my footsteps from here on. If these positive factors still stand in my own world to this day, I know I can make a change in someone’s life just as those powerful people did for me. Youth empowerment is real and it will play a major part in the development of the future of this world.
I am Hip-Hop, I am Revolution, I am Youth Empowerment, I am Gidon “The Mighty Warrior”

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